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Statistics | Summoners

Top Ranked Summoners

By Points

Summoner Tier Points
Summoner Icon Santorin Challenger I 1,636 LP
Summoner Icon TheShackledOne Challenger I 1,584 LP
Summoner Icon Ηobbi Challenger I 1,551 LP
Summoner Icon KassadinsCreed Challenger I 1,548 LP
Summoner Icon Twitchtv Danijrm Challenger I 1,519 LP
Summoner Icon BrainAxe Challenger I 1,518 LP
Summoner Icon Gen G Ruler Challenger I 1,503 LP
Summoner Icon SKT T1 Gumayusl Challenger I 1,474 LP
Summoner Icon Major Alexander Challenger I 1,431 LP
Summoner Icon JUGKlNG Challenger I 1,420 LP

By Win Rate >200 Games

Summoner Tier Win Rate
Summoner Icon EnDVoltage Diamond I 79.51%
Summoner Icon Ucla do flamengo Master I 78.08%
Summoner Icon cu in season 10 Diamond IV 77.83%
Summoner Icon PowerKiller2 Diamond II 77.67%
Summoner Icon TwTv Sinerias Diamond IV 75.4%
Summoner Icon Lux Princess Diamond IV 75.33%
Summoner Icon SUP Design Diamond IV 75.25%
Summoner Icon 49 ASTRO Diamond II 75.12%
Summoner Icon BenTheBlaster19 Platinum I 74.69%
Summoner Icon Lets go RSGBL Diamond I 74.63%

By KDA >200 Games

Summoner Tier KDA
Summoner Icon Buyer Platinum IV 17.67
Summoner Icon Sadokawa Rui Silver I 11.70
Summoner Icon UberAkos Silver I 10.92
Summoner Icon Frost Galaxy Gold IV 9.94
Summoner Icon SERG OF CHAOS 8 Silver II 9.85
Summoner Icon UltraSaft Gold IV 8.83
Summoner Icon Yuianne Bronze III 8.71
Summoner Icon samotny arbuz Silver IV 8.28
Summoner Icon Trololoooooool Iron III 8.25
Summoner Icon NikitaMyagkov Bronze IV 8.08

Statistics | Champions

Top Champions

By Summoner

Champion Summoner Tier Points
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon mihabe 7 10,121,986
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger Summoner Icon GeT CoN TRollED 7 9,882,700
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon энцефалит 7 8,994,086
Singed Singed Summoner Icon AdellaideSkyhart 7 8,698,790
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo Summoner Icon SHERIFF BUFORD 7 8,270,691
Twitch Twitch Summoner Icon DASKALOS MR RAT 7 8,146,776
Annie Annie Summoner Icon Annie Bot 7 8,077,141
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks Summoner Icon Supgi 7 7,190,555
Zilean Zilean Summoner Icon Kilrax 7 7,119,834
Sona Sona Summoner Icon frosty34 7 7,099,110

By Popularity <30 Days

Champion Games %
Yasuo Yasuo 408,339 12.13%
Lux Lux 393,434 11.69%
Caitlyn Caitlyn 372,579 11.07%
Jinx Jinx 358,572 10.65%
Kai'Sa Kai'Sa 327,454 9.73%
Jhin Jhin 320,071 9.51%
Lee Sin Lee Sin 301,912 8.97%
Thresh Thresh 301,413 8.95%
Morgana Morgana 292,702 8.69%
Jax Jax 290,242 8.62%

By Win Rate <30 Days

Champion %
Yorick Yorick 53.62%
Volibear Volibear 53.19%
Garen Garen 52.99%
Amumu Amumu 52.84%
Swain Swain 52.77%
Jinx Jinx 52.69%
Vi Vi 52.64%
Malzahar Malzahar 52.54%
Urgot Urgot 52.52%
Janna Janna 52.46%