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Statistics | Summoners

Top Ranked Summoners

By Points

Summoner Tier Points
Summoner Icon DWG ShowMaker Challenger I 1,726 LP
Summoner Icon AvaIanche Challenger I 1,702 LP
Summoner Icon hi im gosu Challenger I 1,678 LP
Summoner Icon xiaolongbao Challenger I 1,642 LP
Summoner Icon Aryze Challenger I 1,641 LP
Summoner Icon Twitch Bejjaniii Challenger I 1,626 LP
Summoner Icon Hachi Challenger I 1,619 LP
Summoner Icon Kite Machine Challenger I 1,615 LP
Summoner Icon DY sush1 Challenger I 1,612 LP
Summoner Icon C9 Zven Challenger I 1,560 LP

By Win Rate >200 Games

Summoner Tier Win Rate
Summoner Icon Sub Zer0 Project Diamond IV 79.91%
Summoner Icon FBI Clayer Diamond IV 79.64%
Summoner Icon neadz uwu Diamond IV 79.1%
Summoner Icon Random Plâyer Diamond I 76.17%
Summoner Icon ALCOVE DEFENDER Diamond II 76.11%
Summoner Icon Arkillion Senpai Platinum III 75.37%
Summoner Icon SHARK KlNG Challenger I 75.35%
Summoner Icon Rock Nutri Diamond II 74.82%
Summoner Icon Hâsktrbe Diamond III 74.27%
Summoner Icon xes Diamond II 74.05%

By KDA >200 Games

Summoner Tier KDA

Statistics | Champions

Top Champions

By Summoner

Champion Summoner Tier Points
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon mihabe 7 10,808,088
Annie Annie Summoner Icon Annie Bot 7 9,061,129
Maokai Maokai Summoner Icon Squiggal 7 6,740,541
Master Yi Master Yi Summoner Icon Azagoth 7 6,511,711
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz Summoner Icon karamurat2 7 5,899,837
Morgana Morgana Summoner Icon Makiz002 7 5,764,566
Lux Lux Summoner Icon 롤 한번해보세 7 5,283,085
Jhin Jhin Summoner Icon c0water 7 4,815,938
Teemo Teemo Summoner Icon KAFKASKARTALI23 7 4,638,649
Yasuo Yasuo Summoner Icon Myzo 7 4,392,812

By Popularity <30 Days

Champion Games %
Ezreal Ezreal 17,294 13.43%
Yasuo Yasuo 14,911 11.58%
Lux Lux 14,463 11.23%
Kayn Kayn 13,151 10.22%
Caitlyn Caitlyn 12,499 9.71%
Jhin Jhin 12,148 9.44%
Volibear Volibear 11,343 8.81%
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune 11,290 8.77%
Garen Garen 10,978 8.53%
Vayne Vayne 10,657 8.28%

By Win Rate <30 Days

Champion %
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz 54.38%
Swain Swain 54.28%
Yorick Yorick 54.19%
Rammus Rammus 54.12%
Annie Annie 53.9%
Taric Taric 53.22%
Amumu Amumu 53.14%
Sion Sion 52.83%
Vi Vi 52.83%
Quinn Quinn 52.82%