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إحصائيات | Summoners

Top Ranked Summoners

By Points

المستدعي Tier نقاط
Summoner Icon Agurin Challenger I 1,654 LP
Summoner Icon Legendary Manaty Challenger I 1,653 LP
Summoner Icon xiaolongbao Challenger I 1,616 LP
Summoner Icon DWG ShowMaker Challenger I 1,611 LP
Summoner Icon R7 Josedeodo Challenger I 1,599 LP
Summoner Icon AvaIanche Challenger I 1,596 LP
Summoner Icon Litny Challenger I 1,575 LP
Summoner Icon Palafox Challenger I 1,569 LP
Summoner Icon Hachi Challenger I 1,526 LP
Summoner Icon qpalzmwoiaj Challenger I 1,502 LP

By Win Rate >200 Games

المستدعي Tier معدل الفوز
Summoner Icon Sub Zer0 Project Platinum I 79.91%
Summoner Icon Leading edge Master I 79.77%
Summoner Icon FBI Clayer Platinum I 79.64%
Summoner Icon neadz uwu Diamond IV 79.1%
Summoner Icon Captain Tea Time Diamond III 78.04%
Summoner Icon Leus int acc Diamond II 77.13%
Summoner Icon Blackii 1 Diamond I 77.02%
Summoner Icon TanKRom Diamond III 76.96%
Summoner Icon Dwell Diamond I 76.82%
Summoner Icon SKT T1 Windy Challenger I 76.62%

By KDA >200 Games

المستدعي Tier KDA

إحصائيات | أبطال

Top Champions

By Summoner

بطل المستدعي Tier نقاط
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger Summoner Icon GeT CoN TRollED 7 12,256,535
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon энцефалит 7 11,276,943
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon mihabe 7 11,036,902
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo Summoner Icon SHERIFF BUFORD 7 9,548,099
Twitch Twitch Summoner Icon XDaskalos 7 9,323,889
Annie Annie Summoner Icon Annie Bot 7 9,081,202
Ahri Ahri Summoner Icon Jeeryxus TV 7 8,719,741
Swain Swain Summoner Icon General in Noxus 7 7,654,802
Ahri Ahri Summoner Icon Proosia 7 7,093,790
Ekko Ekko Summoner Icon Ekko de Zaun 7 6,913,179

By Popularity <30 Days

بطل ألعاب %
Caitlyn Caitlyn 83,911 13.44%
Yasuo Yasuo 77,887 12.47%
Lux Lux 72,886 11.67%
Yone Yone 66,857 10.71%
Ezreal Ezreal 59,875 9.59%
Ashe Ashe 59,522 9.53%
Jhin Jhin 58,604 9.39%
Kayn Kayn 50,109 8.02%
Morgana Morgana 47,789 7.65%
Garen Garen 46,991 7.53%

By Win Rate <30 Days

بطل %
Sona Sona 54.32%
Rammus Rammus 54.05%
Amumu Amumu 53.24%
Urgot Urgot 53.15%
Yorick Yorick 52.85%
Hecarim Hecarim 52.8%
Vi Vi 52.61%
Janna Janna 52.59%
Garen Garen 52.58%
Annie Annie 52.57%