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Top Ranked Summoners

By Points

Играч Tier Бодови
Summoner Icon 스컬지 Challenger I 1,583 LP
Summoner Icon Boa Gasiciel Challenger I 1,575 LP
Summoner Icon GF ClyDee Challenger I 1,530 LP
Summoner Icon exselor Challenger I 1,518 LP
Summoner Icon 용호야 Challenger I 1,515 LP
Summoner Icon UnExpecteDGanGS Challenger I 1,514 LP
Summoner Icon nęadz Challenger I 1,495 LP
Summoner Icon Josedeodo2 Challenger I 1,480 LP
Summoner Icon REVENGE imt Challenger I 1,469 LP
Summoner Icon Hide on bush Challenger I 1,465 LP

By Win Rate >200 Games

Играч Tier Просек Победа
Summoner Icon Sub Zer0 Project Platinum I 79.91%
Summoner Icon FBI Clayer Platinum I 79.64%
Summoner Icon china man5 Diamond I 78.81%
Summoner Icon 닥터스트레인지 Challenger I 77.97%
Summoner Icon Bagmefmew Diamond IV 77.87%
Summoner Icon Captain Tea Time Platinum I 77.73%
Summoner Icon State 0f the art Master I 77.57%
Summoner Icon 부 스 다 Grandmaster I 77.56%
Summoner Icon XYΖ Diamond II 77.29%
Summoner Icon Mazaliano Master I 76.71%

By KDA >200 Games

Играч Tier KDA

Статистика | Хероји

Top Champions

By Summoner

Хероји Играч Tier Бодови
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger Summoner Icon GeT CoN TRollED 7 13,628,567
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon энцефалит 7 12,333,225
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon mihabe 7 11,834,583
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo Summoner Icon SHERIFF BUFORD 7 10,310,455
Singed Singed Summoner Icon AdellaideSkyhart 7 9,785,048
Ahri Ahri Summoner Icon YT Jeeryxus Ahri 7 9,390,799
Twitch Twitch Summoner Icon XDaskalos 7 9,384,079
Annie Annie Summoner Icon Annie Bot 7 9,329,795
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao Summoner Icon CapitanRock 7 8,453,763
Trundle Trundle Summoner Icon Loxias17 7 8,265,588

By Popularity <30 Days

Хероји Мечеви %
Jhin Jhin 136,873 13.52%
Kai'Sa Kai'Sa 135,878 13.42%
Lux Lux 110,986 10.96%
Yasuo Yasuo 108,892 10.75%
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune 104,443 10.31%
Vayne Vayne 87,731 8.66%
Lucian Lucian 85,157 8.41%
Yone Yone 84,473 8.34%
Tristana Tristana 79,126 7.81%
Morgana Morgana 79,099 7.81%

By Win Rate <30 Days

Хероји %
Rammus Rammus 54.77%
Skarner Skarner 54.47%
Anivia Anivia 53.33%
Garen Garen 53.24%
Swain Swain 53.17%
Udyr Udyr 53.12%
Cho'Gath Cho'Gath 53.06%
Seraphine Seraphine 53.02%
Malzahar Malzahar 53%
Diana Diana 52.81%