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Statistiques | Invocateurs

Invocateurs Haut Classé

Par Points

Invocateur Niveaux Points
Summoner Icon FNC MagiFelix provocateur I 1,688 LP
Summoner Icon KBM Wiz provocateur I 1,530 LP
Summoner Icon cuteguy provocateur I 1,495 LP
Summoner Icon Gen G Karis provocateur I 1,375 LP
Summoner Icon From Iron provocateur I 1,353 LP
Summoner Icon bu hui wan provocateur I 1,335 LP
Summoner Icon SANDBOX Natalie provocateur I 1,317 LP
Summoner Icon always plan ahea provocateur I 1,310 LP
Summoner Icon 칼과 창 방패 provocateur I 1,294 LP
Summoner Icon FNC Bwipo provocateur I 1,288 LP

Par Win Taux> 200 Jeux

Invocateur Niveaux Pourcentage de réussite
Summoner Icon 오빠가정글할게 Grandmaster I 71.13%
Summoner Icon RatIrlFanboy69 diamant IV 70.04%
Summoner Icon R8CD1N3H4J9VL2QP diamant I 68.6%
Summoner Icon ΓΛΖWΞΠ provocateur I 68.4%
Summoner Icon Luis Vega provocateur I 66.83%
Summoner Icon FinanceGuy Grandmaster I 65.81%
Summoner Icon 184cm72kg21cm provocateur I 65.53%
Summoner Icon Doug Seira Grandmaster I 64.76%
Summoner Icon PowerToyZ diamant II 63.95%
Summoner Icon ToppingYourTop diamant II 63.6%

Par KDA> 200 Jeux

Invocateur Niveaux KDA

Statistiques | Champions

Top Champions

Par Summoner

Champion Invocateur Niveaux Points
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger Summoner Icon GeT CoN TRollED 7 10,545,189
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon mihabe 7 10,296,563
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon энцефалит 7 9,818,922
Singed Singed Summoner Icon AdellaideSkyhart 7 8,893,212
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo Summoner Icon SHERIFF BUFORD 7 8,880,680
Annie Annie Summoner Icon Annie Bot 7 8,473,592
Twitch Twitch Summoner Icon MR 1DASKALOS 7 8,433,817
Riven Riven Summoner Icon TwTv Secillia 7 8,356,309
Vayne Vayne Summoner Icon Tibigogutz 7 7,485,712
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon 18212619del 7 7,392,242

Par popularité <30 jours

Champion Parties %
Caitlyn Caitlyn 204,439 12.14%
Yasuo Yasuo 202,062 12%
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune 186,003 11.05%
Lux Lux 180,465 10.72%
Jhin Jhin 160,635 9.54%
Lee Sin Lee Sin 160,101 9.51%
Sett Sett 159,294 9.46%
Ekko Ekko 147,146 8.74%
Leona Leona 142,553 8.47%
Jax Jax 140,828 8.37%

Par Win taux <30 jours

Champion %
Taric Taric 54.18%
Nami Nami 53.79%
Yorick Yorick 53.65%
Sett Sett 53.07%
Swain Swain 52.99%
Singed Singed 52.85%
Ekko Ekko 52.62%
Amumu Amumu 52.51%
Volibear Volibear 52.47%
Diana Diana 52.43%