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Statistiques | Invocateurs

Invocateurs Haut Classé

Par Points

Invocateur Niveaux Points
Summoner Icon 시간빠르다앙 provocateur I 1,600 LP
Summoner Icon xunxunxuno provocateur I 1,590 LP
Summoner Icon 스컬지 provocateur I 1,583 LP
Summoner Icon Boa Gasiciel provocateur I 1,575 LP
Summoner Icon Hachi provocateur I 1,538 LP
Summoner Icon LATs Last Hope provocateur I 1,536 LP
Summoner Icon GF ClyDee provocateur I 1,530 LP
Summoner Icon 용호야 provocateur I 1,515 LP
Summoner Icon UnExpecteDGanGS provocateur I 1,514 LP
Summoner Icon Josedeodo2 provocateur I 1,480 LP

Par Win Taux> 200 Jeux

Invocateur Niveaux Pourcentage de réussite
Summoner Icon Sub Zer0 Project Platine I 79.91%
Summoner Icon Captain Tea Time Platine I 77.73%
Summoner Icon State 0f the art Maîtriser I 77.57%
Summoner Icon Mazaliano Maîtriser I 76.71%
Summoner Icon Twitch Bejjaniii provocateur I 75.98%
Summoner Icon uff dats dirty provocateur I 75.35%
Summoner Icon zdc Platine I 74.89%
Summoner Icon Austrian Random provocateur I 74.69%
Summoner Icon WX 1649096627 Grandmaster I 73.58%
Summoner Icon BBQE Platine I 73.48%

Par KDA> 200 Jeux

Invocateur Niveaux KDA

Statistiques | Champions

Top Champions

Par Summoner

Champion Invocateur Niveaux Points
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger Summoner Icon GeT CoN TRollED 7 13,402,493
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon mihabe 7 11,834,583
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo Summoner Icon SHERIFF BUFORD 7 10,225,680
Sivir Sivir Summoner Icon BigBallszzzzzz 7 8,194,257
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia Summoner Icon paularas25 7 6,917,696
Lux Lux Summoner Icon OLuxanna 7 6,229,683
Rammus Rammus Summoner Icon Dani boon 7 6,011,920
Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo Summoner Icon Mundo 7 5,591,950
Yasuo Yasuo Summoner Icon 혼돈 야스오 7 5,408,475
Tryndamere Tryndamere Summoner Icon ChoSenTry 7 5,403,019

Par popularité <30 jours

Champion Parties %
Jhin Jhin 13,375 13.2%
Kai'Sa Kai'Sa 12,058 11.9%
Yasuo Yasuo 11,166 11.02%
Lux Lux 11,056 10.91%
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune 10,683 10.55%
Lucian Lucian 9,509 9.39%
Vayne Vayne 9,013 8.9%
Yone Yone 8,534 8.42%
Kayn Kayn 8,139 8.03%
Morgana Morgana 7,775 7.67%

Par Win taux <30 jours

Champion %
Kled Kled 54.74%
Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol 54.03%
Skarner Skarner 53.86%
Diana Diana 53.82%
Rammus Rammus 53.58%
Ivern Ivern 53.44%
Viktor Viktor 53.42%
Sejuani Sejuani 53.3%
Anivia Anivia 53.22%
Zilean Zilean 53.2%