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Statistiques | Invocateurs

Invocateurs Haut Classé

Par Points

Invocateur Niveaux Points
Summoner Icon AvaIanche provocateur I 1,650 LP
Summoner Icon Boa Gasiciel provocateur I 1,638 LP
Summoner Icon Hachi provocateur I 1,637 LP
Summoner Icon hate it here provocateur I 1,567 LP
Summoner Icon Aryze provocateur I 1,544 LP
Summoner Icon UnExpecteDGanGS provocateur I 1,518 LP
Summoner Icon HLE Viper provocateur I 1,517 LP
Summoner Icon Hide on bush provocateur I 1,510 LP
Summoner Icon Revenge provocateur I 1,493 LP
Summoner Icon Joe Cat provocateur I 1,486 LP

Par Win Taux> 200 Jeux

Invocateur Niveaux Pourcentage de réussite
Summoner Icon State 0f the art Maîtriser I 82.43%
Summoner Icon 닥터 스트레인지 provocateur I 79.17%
Summoner Icon hateful desires Maîtriser I 74.18%
Summoner Icon Tiffany Dang provocateur I 73.39%
Summoner Icon nakreB provocateur I 72.84%
Summoner Icon TheGod v1 Maîtriser I 72.06%
Summoner Icon nolikesss Maîtriser I 72.05%
Summoner Icon come on 1v1 Grandmaster I 71.73%
Summoner Icon impEtus S10 Maîtriser I 71.68%
Summoner Icon Ajeula Maîtriser I 71.23%

Par KDA> 200 Jeux

Invocateur Niveaux KDA

Statistiques | Champions

Top Champions

Par Summoner

Champion Invocateur Niveaux Points
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger Summoner Icon GeT CoN TRollED 7 12,641,689
Ashe Ashe Summoner Icon mihabe 7 11,283,400
Singed Singed Summoner Icon AdellaideSkyhart 7 9,663,607
Twitch Twitch Summoner Icon XDaskalos 7 9,384,079
Annie Annie Summoner Icon Annie Bot 7 9,085,164
Xin Zhao Xin Zhao Summoner Icon CapitanRock 7 8,169,435
Jax Jax Summoner Icon 김눌엉 7 7,991,929
Illaoi Illaoi Summoner Icon İLLAOİ BABA 7 6,967,878
Vel'Koz Vel'Koz Summoner Icon karamurat2 7 6,110,236
Jhin Jhin Summoner Icon JhinTopNoTroll 7 5,997,498

Par popularité <30 jours

Champion Parties %
Lux Lux 25,468 11.91%
Jhin Jhin 25,206 11.79%
Yasuo Yasuo 23,436 10.96%
Ashe Ashe 22,915 10.72%
Caitlyn Caitlyn 21,551 10.08%
Ezreal Ezreal 20,852 9.75%
Lucian Lucian 19,616 9.17%
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune 19,557 9.15%
Kayn Kayn 17,630 8.24%
Sett Sett 17,606 8.23%

Par Win taux <30 jours

Champion %
Swain Swain 54.04%
Rammus Rammus 54%
Skarner Skarner 53.62%
Brand Brand 53.22%
Urgot Urgot 53.2%
Hecarim Hecarim 53.15%
Ivern Ivern 52.7%
Nami Nami 52.53%
Amumu Amumu 52.49%
Jhin Jhin 52.37%