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League of Legends

Summoner search, match history, champions, and statistics.

Help us improve LoLProfile! Posted on November 17, 2016
Hello LoLProfile users, LoLProfile has now been up and running for 2 years! Over the course of the 2 years LoLProfile has changed dramatically, we want to thank the users that have helped us get this far.

We are still updating LoLProfile all the time, we are still looking for translators to help us translate LoLProfile in your language, if you can translate from english to your language then don't hesitate to contact us by email! LoLProfile currently relies on Google Translate to translate most of the text on the website.

What features and/or changes do you guys really want to see available on LoLProfile? We will do our best to add the most requested features or changes if necessary.

Contact us: [email protected] (you can also contact us via Facebook)
LoLProfile v4.0 Posted on October 4, 2016


+ New responsive website design, works and looks great on desktop and mobile devices.
+ New page designs, added a lot more new features to every page!
+ Added match page, view your team mates runes, masteries and item builds.
+ Added multi-search, search your entire team with a simple copy and paste.
+ Added statistics page, more summoner and champion statistics available.
+ Champions have been added to leaderboards, sorted by champions points.
+ Updated LoLProfile Android app!

We are constantly updating the website at the moment, so expect the server to run slow and bugs!

If you want to help translate LoLProfile, please contact us and we will send you the translation files.

If you have any suggestions or feedback don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Don't forget to like our Facebook page and keep up to date with LoLProfile and a chance to win giveaways!
30 EUR RP Giveaway on EU server! Posted on August 2, 2016

How to enter:

1. Like our page on Facebook:
2. Like our RP giveaway post on Facebook.
3. Optional: share the post to your friends to increase your chances of winning!

The 3 winners will be sent 10 EUR RP code (1,590 RP), redeemable on the EU server. We will announce the winners on 02/09/2016, you will then need to message our Facebook page so we can send you the code.
LoLProfile v3.6! Posted on May 16, 2016


+ Champion mastery has been added to summoner pages.
+ Favoriting summoners has been revamped, no longer need to register and all favorites will now appear on the right side (Desktop) and at the bottom (Mobile).
+ More summoner summary statistics are now available, click the + sign to view all.
+ KDA bug has been fixed.
+ More languages are now available.

If you have any suggestions or feedback don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Like our Facebook page and keep up to date with LoLProfile and a chance to win giveaways!

Top 5 Summoners

Summoner Icon Révenge
North America
176W | 126L
1338 LP
Summoner Icon ITZ Ayel
204W | 164L
1318 LP
Summoner Icon SKT T1 Peanut
Republic of Korea
149W | 101L
1277 LP
Summoner Icon NA Donkey Kong
125W | 88L
1267 LP
Summoner Icon Lîterary Spirit
114W | 69L
1255 LP
Summoner Icon RaboLoco
126W | 94L
1255 LP
Summoner Icon 社 長
153W | 126L
1254 LP
Summoner Icon Konektiv Ψ
EU Nordic & East
154W | 122L
1222 LP
Summoner Icon Longzhu 비디디
Republic of Korea
177W | 138L
1195 LP
Summoner Icon 삼성갤럭시 하루
Republic of Korea
205W | 159L
1188 LP
Summoner Icon BG Ei Traidor
Latin America North
140W | 113L
1180 LP
Summoner Icon The shy
Republic of Korea
136W | 90L
1169 LP
Summoner Icon Entranced
North America
118W | 86L
1160 LP
Summoner Icon tinowns2
116W | 76L
1157 LP
Summoner Icon Doublelift
North America
162W | 118L
1133 LP
Summoner Icon 我忠誠鋼如
146W | 128L
1131 LP
Summoner Icon Mad4life support
EU Nordic & East
103W | 62L
1130 LP
Summoner Icon Bernoulli
Latin America South
154W | 128L
1116 LP
Summoner Icon Blacktown dreams
200W | 172L
1102 LP
Summoner Icon Wansie
EU Nordic & East
104W | 71L
1082 LP