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Pentakill Returns! Grasp of the Undying Yayınlanma Zamanı July 24, 2017


Pental kill: Grasp of the Undying is the latest upcoming album from Riot, teased on 21st, July.



LoLProfile v5.0 Yayınlanma Zamanı July 24, 2017


  • Updated the website to work with the new v3 Riot API, please note that loading summoners for the first time will be longer than usual, this is due to being rate limited by the API.
  • Live Games are available from the home page, view a summoners game info, streams and featured games.
  • Updated champion pages, added builds and ability videos.
  • Added "Ranked Played With" to summoner pages, this will show you all the summoners played with friends.
  • Updated the match dropdown, this will now show all details on mobile and the layout has also been updated.
  • Added "Kill Participation" to recent games.
  • Added "Time Played" to summoners ranked statistics, this information is accurate and not an estimate.
  • Some design changes, including a new home page logo and design.
  • More features have been added to most pages.
  • Fixed many bugs.

With the new Riot API we are unable to show the normal games summoners list, this is because the new API does not share this information, however we are still able to show the match details for such games. We also cannot show overall statistics for normal games as this information is no longer available from the API.

Expect bugs and such as the new update we've had to change a lot, feel free to contact us if you find any via the contact us page.

Help us improve LoLProfile! Yayınlanma Zamanı November 17, 2016

Hello LoLProfile users, LoLProfile has now been up and running for 2 years! Over the course of the 2 years LoLProfile has changed dramatically, we want to thank the users that have helped us get this far.

We are still updating LoLProfile all the time, we are still looking for translators to help us translate LoLProfile in your language, if you can translate from english to your language then don't hesitate to contact us by email! LoLProfile currently relies on Google Translate to translate most of the text on the website.

What features and/or changes do you guys really want to see available on LoLProfile? We will do our best to add the most requested features or changes if necessary.

Contact us: [email protected] (you can also contact us via Facebook)

LoLProfile v4.0 Yayınlanma Zamanı October 04, 2016


+ New responsive website design, works and looks great on desktop and mobile devices.
+ New page designs, added a lot more new features to every page!
+ Added match page, view your team mates runes, masteries and item builds.
+ Added multi-search, search your entire team with a simple copy and paste.
+ Added statistics page, more summoner and champion statistics available.
+ Champions have been added to leaderboards, sorted by champions points.
+ Updated LoLProfile Android app!

We are constantly updating the website at the moment, so expect the server to run slow and bugs!

If you want to help translate LoLProfile, please contact us and we will send you the translation files.

If you have any suggestions or feedback don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Don't forget to like our Facebook page and keep up to date with LoLProfile and a chance to win giveaways!

30 EUR RP Giveaway on EU server! Yayınlanma Zamanı August 02, 2016

How to enter:

1. Like our page on Facebook:
2. Like our RP giveaway post on Facebook.
3. Optional: share the post to your friends to increase your chances of winning!

The 3 winners will be sent 10 EUR RP code (1,590 RP), redeemable on the EU server. We will announce the winners on 02/09/2016, you will then need to message our Facebook page so we can send you the code.
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Summoner Icon consensualclown1
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
231W | 141B
1143 LP
Summoner Icon bon dui
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
268W | 201B
985 LP
Summoner Icon kodoch
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
82W | 41B
874 LP
Summoner Icon Daarr
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
351W | 284B
826 LP
Summoner Icon Gastðn
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
359W | 302B
757 LP
Summoner Icon Pobelter
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
451W | 402B
679 LP
Summoner Icon C9 Sneaky
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
270W | 220B
673 LP
Summoner Icon RF Legendaddy
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
290W | 210B
607 LP
Summoner Icon C9 Smoothie
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
362W | 321B
579 LP
Summoner Icon Soligo
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
414W | 362B
561 LP
Summoner Icon VXlN Wedabest
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
131W | 66B
535 LP
Summoner Icon Liquid Lourlo
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
269W | 223B
533 LP
Summoner Icon 19950307
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
298W | 256B
514 LP
Summoner Icon oddorange
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
687W | 644B
509 LP
Summoner Icon Clyde1
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
439W | 392B
493 LP
Summoner Icon god tupo
Kuzey Amerika
Şampiyonluk Aşaması
181W | 148B
468 LP
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