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Blog » Pentakill Returns! Grasp of the Undying

diposting di July 24, 2017

Pentakill Returns


Pental kill: Grasp of the Undying is the latest upcoming album from Riot, teased on 21st, July.


Pentakill Returns!

An offcial teaser is trending with additional videos confirming the upcoming 2nd album by "Pentakill".
The description as it reads is:
"The Age of Metal is nigh! The first sign of its coming is the wailing of doomed souls, and if you would face this glorious age eye-to-eye, then you can download The Bloodthirster and Tear of the Goddess for free through our website".
For more information or to download the new MP3's please go to

From Fire Reborn - Song


The Bloodthirster - Song


Tear of the Goddess - Song


Check out the old album here!