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Leaderboards | Latin America South

Rank Summoner Wins Losses Tier / Division Points Champions
#1 Summoner Icon Bernoulli 152W 126L Challenger I 1112 LP Rumble Ezreal Blitzcrank
#2 Summoner Icon Sojourn 146W 122L Challenger I 1030 LP Ekko Orianna Ezreal
#3 Summoner Icon Josédeodo 103W 82L Challenger I 807 LP
#4 Summoner Icon KMV Frescolita 156W 136L Challenger I 765 LP Rengar Sejuani Ekko
#5 Summoner Icon RBT Khynm1 92W 75L Challenger I 747 LP Lee Sin Elise Shyvana
#6 Summoner Icon 1v2 121W 103L Challenger I 732 LP Caitlyn Ezreal Jhin
#7 Summoner Icon Kartana 91W 63L Challenger I 716 LP
#8 Summoner Icon Screeder 83W 41L Challenger I 697 LP
#9 Summoner Icon PkerHide 88W 54L Challenger I 690 LP Ahri Kennen Syndra
#10 Summoner Icon Signum 96W 71L Challenger I 687 LP
#11 Summoner Icon Gonza McFly 75W 43L Challenger I 681 LP
#12 Summoner Icon girl and the sea 78W 56L Challenger I 665 LP Shyvana Vi Hecarim
#13 Summoner Icon Kavotito 108W 86L Challenger I 651 LP Shaco Hecarim Camille
#14 Summoner Icon jung gan 127W 108L Challenger I 639 LP Ryze Katarina Ezreal
#15 Summoner Icon MoonIight 94W 68L Challenger I 634 LP Syndra LeBlanc Ahri
#16 Summoner Icon DH Suave Lomito 77W 60L Challenger I 622 LP
#17 Summoner Icon Slow by father 77W 59L Challenger I 617 LP Morgana Nami Thresh
#18 Summoner Icon Starboyyy 135W 122L Challenger I 616 LP
#19 Summoner Icon TAKEME2THETOP 82W 60L Challenger I 605 LP Hecarim Shyvana Camille
#20 Summoner Icon lceBox 105W 90L Challenger I 592 LP